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The Organization for New Occupational Opportunities is a community interest company that works to build better policies for employment industry 4.0. Our goal is to improve digital skills development and provide decentralized authority to get certified in enterprise software.

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Compoid :: digital skills platform

ONOO's online education platform Compoid provides SaaS labs for experiential learning in business software.


Companies trust Compoid as industry-leading education solution to deliver role-specific training on Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Point of sale, Warehouse Management, Human Resource Management, Big Data, IoT. Compoid provides SaaS digital skills development platform to gain the theory and hands-on practice to earn professional certification in business software. It has certification paths for many technical job roles. Each of these certifications consists of passing a technical challenge to earn certification








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Certification paths and benefits


Business Intelligence Systems Professional (BISP)

Business Intelligence (BI) comprises of the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information.

Business Intelligence uses both data analysis and analytics techniques to consolidate and summarize information that is specifically useful in an enterprise context.

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Certified Blockchain Systems Professional (CBSP)

Blockchain technology has the core characteristics of decentralization, accountability, and security. This technique can improve operational efficiency and save costs significantly.

The demand and usage of applications built on blockchain architecture will only evolve. Thus, it makes now the right time to get educated on this topic.

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Information Systems Data Architect – Big Data (ISDA)

Big Data makes use of both data analysis and analytics techniques and frequently builds upon the data in enterprise data warehouses (as used in BI).

As such, it can be considered the ‘next step’ in the evolution of Business Intelligence.

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Supply Chain Information Systems Professional (SCISP)

The sizeable workforce in the field of supply chain management calls for a greater understanding of the student expectations towards the Supply Chain Management (SCM) programs.

The skills requirements for a SCM practitioner is quite complex and requires a wide range of skills, including: commercial skills, analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, technical knowledge of transport or warehouse operations, good understanding of IT applications (e.g. modelling tools, customer relationship management, e-sourcing etc.) as well as communication skills and motivational skills.

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Project Management Systems Professional (PMSP)

Project managers are different than regular department managers who typically oversee a certain area of the business. Project managers instead are responsible for all areas and parts of a specific and time limited business initiative.

A project manager’s job description will usually reflect the specific needs of the firm. But generally, a project manager will plan, coordinate, implement and finalize company projects on deadline, while they keep the project under budget.

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Customer Relationship Management Systems Professional (CRMSP)

An important tool for sales and marketing activities is the customer relationship management system (CRM) . At their core, CRM systems are software systems used to collect and manage information about customers and prospects, making them a valuable source of internal data.

CRM system providers have also built a set of technology tools around this core to help marketers analyze customer information and use it to create smarter, better targeted, and more effective marketing communication.

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Human Resource Information Systems Professional (HRISP)

The Human Resource Information Systems is introduced by presenting the various definitions, development, costs and benefits, as well as their functions and relationship with HRM. HRIS shape an integration between human resource management (HRM) and Information Technology.

The system supports applications such as employee selection and placement, payroll, pension and benefits management, intake and training projections, career-planning, equity monitoring, and productivity evaluation. These information systems increase administrative efficiency and produce reports capable of improving decision-making.

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Certified eCommerce Systems Professional (CESP)

Certified eCommerce Systems Professional focuses on standards, technologies and practices for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce models.

This individual understands and facilitates relationships among marketing, promotion, customer service, user interaction, purchasing methods, and secure transactions by using SSL and SET, payment gateways, inventory control, shipping and order information and site performance testing and evaluation.

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Documents, Contracts & IPs Blockchain Registration

We provide Blockchain Digital Certificates to allow creators or firms to make a record of their copyright or Intellectual Property ownership, Documents and Contracts.

Blockchain technology stands to play an important role within the context of unregistered IPR, such as copyright and unregistered design rights, since it can provide evidence of their conception, use, qualification requirements and whether the right is still in the period of protection. Uploading an original design or copyright document and details of its designer or creator to a blockchain would allow the creation of a time-stamped record and solid evidence to prove these matters

(CERT) Certificaton tokens

Submit Certificate

Register certificate or become Accredited Cerification Body


Certification Body Accreditation

Accreditation operates in the public interest across all industry sectors. It provides an attestation that accredited bodies offering certification have the technical competence and comply with the relevant standards and regulations.


Register Certificate

Blockchain technology permits users to store essential documents as cryptographically signed digital certificates. These digital documents facilitate data protection and file sharing for recruitment or admission with employers or other authorities.


Switch to Blockchain

Any organization that gives traditional printed certificates can switch to blockchain based secure certificates. Increasingly public and private organizations are specifying accredited blockchain certification that provide better security features.

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Our Mission

EdTech SaaS platform with Blockchain cerification

Despite their important social role, current systems for certifying academic achievements are slow, complicated, expensive, and vulnerable to forgery.

Our aim is that our work might contribute to building momentum for the application of the Blockchain technology to digital certificates.

EdTech market “is expected to grow between 14.5% and 16.4% per annum to a total value of $368bn to $406bn in 2025”

IBIS Capital and Cairneagle Associates
2020 EdTechX Report

In terms of venture capital investment, “EdTech attracted $4.5bn of VC through the first half of 2020, setting the sector up for a record setting full year”

The growth is such that “EdTech started the decade with $500 m of Venture Capital investments in 2010 and finished 14 × higher at $7B in 2019”


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